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Mandurah Mechanical & Marine recommend a regular servicing routine. We recommend you have a minor service every 5000klm or 12 months to prevent your vehicle from premature wear which in turn generates large repair bills. Prevention is the best cure and so following a maintenance schedule that gives your vehicle the attention it needs for everyday tasks is a must.


A Minor Car Service Includes:

•Change engine oil and filter

•Carry out full brake and safety check

•Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels

•Check all tyres for wear and adjust tyre pressures

•Check all hoses, belts

•Check and report on battery condition

•Carry out full road test


Major Service

If your vehicle has not had a service for over 12 months or 10,000 kms it is time to book in for a major service. The roads in Western Australia aren’t in the best condition and this can cause extra wear on your vehicle. Certain components of your vehicle must be regularly checked and if they are not, Your vehicle may incur unnecessary wear, extra costs and a poor driving experience.


A Major Car Service Includes:

•Change engine oil and filter

•Replace Transmission fluid and filter if automatic gearbox

•Check and top up or replaced drivline oils

•Check condition of ignition leeds if applicable

•Check and replace spark plugs if necessary

•Service air filter and fuel filter and replaced if required

•Carry out full brake and safety check

•Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels

•Check all tyres for wear and adjust tyre pressures

•Check all hoses,belts and hydraulic lines for leakage and fatigue

•Repack or replace wheel bearings if required

•Carry out full road test

•Check and report on battery condition


Log Book Services: We can look after your new car warranty by servicing as per manufactures recommendations and keep your new car warranty valid. We stamp your logbook protecting your cars warranty, we service all makes and models and offer both major and minor servicing.Our prices vary as each vehicle service has different requirements and time frames.


At Mandurah Mechanical & Marine u speak to the mechanic working on your vehicle or boat not just the person sitting behind the counter.




Mandurah Mechanical and Marine will also be able to look after all your servicing and repairs on your beloved pleasue craft,ski boat, jetski or fishing boat we have years of experience with the marine industry, we provide a comprehensive repair center for all your boating needs you can drop your tow vehicle and boat of at the same time and we can repair or service both of them at one easy location.




Mandurah Mechanical & Marine specialise in car air conditioning systems. Whether you require an inspection, service or repair work we have you covered. All our mechanics are qualified air conditioning technicians. It is important to maintain your air conditioning system especially throughout the hot summer months. If you notice an old musty smell when you turn your air conditioning on, it is likely that it needs a clean and service. This is because fungi and bacteria can grow in car air conditioning systems and can cause allergic reactions such as hay fever, skin irritations and itchy eyes. Air conditioning systems can become less effective for a number of reasons. These include insufficient use, worn out seals and minor leaks. To maintain optimum efficiency it is recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced approximately every 12 months. This helps reduce the natural leakage that occurs in most air conditioning systems, a full inspection of your air conditioning system will be included in the service.




We can carry out all repairs and maintance on your brakes from small maintance like bleed and adjust to full brake upgrades on all make and models even you boat trailer. We provide a free brake inspection to make sure your family is safe and sound



We can carry out all clutch replacements on all makes and models of cars and 4WD.

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